Chaos of Mind and Body

“A chaos of mind and body - a time for weeping at sunsets and at the glamour of moonlight - a confusion and profusion of beliefs and hopes, in God, in Truth, in Love, and in Eternity - an ability to be transported by the beauty of physical objects - a heart to ache or swell- a joy so joyful and a sorrow so sorrowful that oceans could lie between them...”

Monday, November 30, 2015

The Electric Pond & Neon Snakes

Dream.....Dreamstate.....Let me say that my dreams are not meant to associate with my least not in the moment anyway. Intuition for the moment, dreams for tomorrow.

Last night...Swimming for my life as I had fallen from a boat.....along with all of the other little ants...from the surging electrical field. Upon the shore I see a hole in the beach line....a cobra pit. These snakes were vicious and neon. Upon a fight with these snakes I quickly found myself pulled back into the water...I was bit...

Drowning. Electric Shock. SnakeBites.

I hope tonight is not a repeat.

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