Chaos of Mind and Body

“A chaos of mind and body - a time for weeping at sunsets and at the glamour of moonlight - a confusion and profusion of beliefs and hopes, in God, in Truth, in Love, and in Eternity - an ability to be transported by the beauty of physical objects - a heart to ache or swell- a joy so joyful and a sorrow so sorrowful that oceans could lie between them...”

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Then Tomorrow and Today....

Then Tomorrow and Today

Time is not linear I say. Time spirals, but it spirals far. Each step is an iteration that sends you further than where want to be. Embrace every moment like the last, cherish your time. Swallow the painful pill of pride and never forget the last step. But, most important, don't forget to look in the mirror every now-and-then. Sometimes the world will change if you do.


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